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Pastor Mike Jr. doesn’t actually know if he’s famous yet.

The Birmingham pastor and musician born Michael McClure Jr made waves in 2020 with the release of the hit singles “Big” and “I Got It,” leading to his win for Rap Hip Hop Gospel Album at the 2020 Stellar Awards. Due to the pandemic, the pastor of Rock City Church hasn’t actually had the chance to physically connect with fans yet following his newfound success.

Speaking with Keisha Nicole and J Mac of Good Morning H-Town, the 36-year-old pastor is a strong believer in God’s timing.

“I believe if God blew me up when I was younger? I would have lost everything,” Pastor Mike Jr. says. “Now I’m at a place where God is doing all of this and 7 minutes ago, I was doing homework with my teenager. 20 minutes ago before that I was giving Miles a bath, shoutout Miles, he peed in the bed last night and now I’m doing an interview with you guys so it’s the best of both worlds.”

The father of five says failure taught him better than success ever did. When he had a church and preached in arenas, he recalled the time his son calling him Pastor Mike. The moment was an awakening for him and he put a hold on church and decided to put more emphasis and dedication to his family for five months. Having his son’s approval and enjoyment from their lives as opposed to getting success in music is his biggest joy.

How Mike came to realize his voice was needed for ministry came by an ironic night at the club.

“I pledged Kappa Alpha Psi in college so I was a preacher’s kid and I was sheltered. So imagine going to college, I’m 17 … I pledge Nupe at 17 and I’m hanging around seniors. I got a little wild in college. We’re in the club and I’m the Kappa on the mic. I’m throwing it up in the club and I heard God say, “Right crowd, wrong place.” My fra brothers joke with me to this day cause I started crying in the club. I heard God say twice, “Right crowd, wrong place.” That night, I left the club. By the next morning, I withdrew from college. By that weekend, I had given my life to Christ.

“I’ve had a wild side. Everybody is an ex something and a lo of people get saved and get amnesia as if they’ve never been nowhere or did nothing.”

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