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Happy Birthday to Gucci Mane turning 41 years old today!

Since being accused of having a clone because of his drastic lifestyle changes, the world has seen a far different Atlanta rapper than the one who debuted on the music scene in 2000. Gucci has a lot to be proud of welcoming a baby boy named Ice with wife, Keyshia Ka’oir, uplifting a new generation of artists like Pooh Sheisty at his label 1017 and becoming the face of notable brands like Beyoncé’s Ivy Park and his namesake, designer label Gucci. He has released some of his biggest records to date like “Wake Up In The Sky” with Bruno Mars and Kodak Black. Let’s celebrate Gucci’s elevation with five ways to achieve a glow up like Gucci Mane.

1. Be Thankful For All That You Have

Gucci Mane often shares motivational tweets on his Twitter account about his many blessings. One theme that comes up quite often is gratitude. The 41 year old rapper has seen a lot in his lifetime, and he understands the importance of acknowledging the blessings right in front of you. Be grateful for all that you have, because things could definitely be worse.


2. Health Is Indeed Wealth  

After being released from prison five months early in 2016, Gucci came out swinging. He had already began his fitness journey while in prison, but he didn’t let freedom stop his gains. He continued to work on his health and incorporate his family into his new healthier way of living. Health is wealth and it must be protected at all costs.

In case you needed a bit of Gucci motivation, here’s proof that it is all possible.

3. Get Up and Get To It

Everyday Gucci Mane seems to wake up with success and victory in mind. He often tweets first thing in the morning about handling his business and making the most of his days. If you truly want something to change in your life, you have to have self-motivation to go and get it.

Find a way or make one.

4. Explore Life In Love

Gucci and Keyshia have been riding for years now, but it wasn’t until she flipped $2 million while her hubby was away that Gucci Mane realized he had a real one for life. The two wed in 2017 and have since had their own bundle of joy. The couple first met when Ka’oir was featured in a music video in 2010 and though she was hesitant to go out with him, Gucci knew it was love at first sight.

Having a loving partner to share life with is how one can truly glow up. Gucci Mane just looks ten times happier with his beautiful wife by his side. Keyshia continues support him through good and bad times, and that is all any couple could hope for.

5. Continue Reinventing Yourself 

Gucci made the conscious decision to turn over a new leaf. He had to make a choice on how he wanted to live his life moving forward. As he’s grown older, written and published two books on his life and a guide to greatness, Gucci Mane determined it was totally suitable to reinvent himself.

A lesson in life is to continue making the necessary changes you see, which hopefully substantially improve your life. If Gucci had not decided to right the wrongs of his past for himself, he may not be where he is today.

We are so fortunate to see Gucci’s growth and experience the elevated version of the legend. Happy Birthday to a goat of trap music!



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