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Charisma Mustafa

Source: Global Films / Charisma Mufasa

Every artist has a unique story but not too many can match up with the one belonging to Charisma Mufasa. After switching from football at Troy University to get a degree, the East Atlanta native discovered league dreams aren’t exactly the same as tapping into your other passions.

When your last name’s Mufasa, you have to breathe life into the namesake. It means you own a pet lion (legally), it means you take surviving multiple gunshot wounds to step it up and put energy behind survival. It’s how you create records such as “Double Yo Grams,” a bouncy trap call-and-response where Charisma stays true to what he knows.

“Jigga in the hood, don’t know what the f*ck Jay-Z talkin’ bout. I done sold more Jiggas than Popeyes sold fried chicken in the South,” he boldly proclaims on the track’s second verse. Throughout the video, Mufasa is giving off advice while showing off how he got it. Watch the full video below.

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