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Dante Higgins God Told Me To Drop This Cover

Source: Dope Geometry / GOD LVL

Dante Higgins didn’t mince words when explaining the importance of God Told Me To Drop This. During a Clubhouse early preview for the album, the Third Ward representative detailed how much change in his personal life and life in general, parlayed into his latest creation. He teamed up with GOD LVL, the production duo of Charity Vaughn and Mark Byrd. In the same vein of Dr. Dre chasing the sound of a film score for The Chronic and Pimp C seeking the same for Ridin’ Dirty, the duo gift Hig and the Hig Headz a soundscape to let loose on a number of topics.

Relationships, acknowledging comfort over stretching for something exotic (“Frenchys”), fatherhood, migrating to embrace change and your dreams and more all play a pivotal role in God Told Me To Drop This. Listening to the inner voice and acting upon it is Hig’s main mantra throughout, even as the world around him evolves and devolves from how he grew up in Southlawn.

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Stream God Told Me to Drop This from Higgins below.

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