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Bryson Tiller is stepping into a new comfort zone.

Five years ago the Lousiville, Kentucky native exploded onto he scene with “Don’t,” the lead single from his Trapsoul album. Fame came quick. He was signed to a major label, was added to DJ Khaled and Rihanna‘s “Wild Thoughts”  and promptly became one of those artist-to-watch acts you see constantly in trade magazines and blogs.

A funny thing happened on the way between Trapsoul and Anniversary, Tiller’s third album which dropped on October 2. He became open with mental health, how depression knocked him under after feeling on top of the world and failing to meet critics and fans’ expectations. In a chat with Keisha Nicole, Tiller affirms he still has one dream in particular: pop stardom.


“With my goals, the goals I wanna reach in the next, I dunno three four years … I wanna be a popstar,” he told Keisha. “I would like to be a popstar at least one time. I wanna be able to say I was a popstar, at least do a pop album. Collaborate with some pop artists. So I feel like with that comes, a lot of magazine shoots, a lot of video interviews, a lot of performances, a lot of stuff Bryson from five years ago would have been very uncomfortable with.” 

He added, “Now I’m still a little uncomfortable but I’m trying to adjust a little bit. Cause people used to come to my shows and go, ‘OMG, that’s Bryson.’ I just wanted to see myself as other people saw me as. I never saw what people saw of me. But I’m way past that now. There’s a lot of things I’ma have to adjust to if I wanna be a popstar.”

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For Tiller, everything hit a reset when his grandmother died. The ongoing pandemic prompted him to slow everything down and for once, not have to think about a tour immediately after releasing new music.

I was looking at it like a blessing from God because every time I make an album, I had to go on tour right away or I had to go to rehearsal right away,” Tiller says. ?Which left little time for like recording or making any of types of songs. Which, I know is probably no excuse. There’s other artists that go to the studio all day or take it anywhere they go.”

He continued, “For me, I was still adjusting to the music industry and I just wanted to put on a decent show. You said you came to the Palace and you said the show was amazing. In my head, the show was terrible. I mean it wasn’t terrible but there’s a lot of things I’m just like, ‘Dang, I wish I could have…’ I know, that’s just me being hard on myself. I was real hard on myself. It was a complete 180, I’m so different from where I was. I’m just so blessed and I thank the angels above for that.”

Watch the full interview now.