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At 22-years-old, Jordyn Woods has created a brand for herself in the beauty, fashion and fashion world with her size-inclusive brand SECNDNTURE. As she ventures into the uncharted land of singing and acting, her loyal fans and followers have been supportive of her journey throughout her self-discovery and will be there to virtually cheer her on throughout her career.

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We connected with the rising starlet to discuss her budding singing career, the business behind her brand and the forthcoming film Trigger, which is set for release this fall 2020.

While Woods organically evolved into a public figure and influencer, the rising actress didn’t go into the world of entertainment and reality television with the pretense of being a role model or inspiration. “I kind of just was myself in Hollywood and naturally being in the life that I grew up in, the spotlight kind of came towards me,” she said in a candid phone conversation. 

After turning eighteen, Jordyn ventured to New York where she signed with the world renowned Wilhelmina Models – management agency home to talent such as Nicki Minaj and Normani. As she traveled the world, she learned more about herself not only as a model but as a young woman. “[It] matures you really fast and having to go meet clients and people and be in different segments really expanded who I was and really broke me out of this bubble that I was used to.”

Social media plays an integral role in today’s world and Jordyn is no stranger to cyber space. She is living proof that standing firm in the face of adversity and negativity, offline and online, will ultimately make you stronger on the other end. “Social media is an awesome tool and whatever you allow it to be, but it really just let’s people get insight as to who I am, what I like, my style, and it really is the best marketing tool for creating a business,” she expressed. “I think the next step that influencers are realizing is that instead of making all of these brands money, why don’t you create your own brand, have some Instagram growth and expand on it?”

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As Jordyn encouraged influencers such as herself to practice ownership and take control of their businesses with multiple streams of income, she stressed the importance of standing firm despite the ebs and flows of entrepreneurship. “In life, you can’t just rely on one thing because life is so unpredictable as we’ve all seen and we never would have guessed this would happen,” said Jordyn. “Some things don’t work, some people don’t work, but it’s really about figuring out a plan for yourself, going for it and thinking big,” she said ensuring readers that there is no such thing as a perfect path to success.

“When I was younger, I felt like everyone around me knew what they wanted to do, had it figured out or didn’t have to do anything, and I didn’t grow up like that,” she revealed about her journey through self-discovery. She would continuously stress herself about settling down with one talent or trade. She soon realized that the world is her backyard and limiting herself would be the ultimate demise.

“As I got older, I realized you can really try everything, you can do everything, and whatever doesn’t work, you can always do it again. The only thing you’ll regret is not trying it. I’m trying everything. I’m trying acting, singing, modeling; who knows, I might just surprise everyone and do something extremely random,” Jordyn laughed over the phone. “As long as you’re having fun while doing whatever you want to do, that’s all that matters. You can do one thing, but you can’t limit yourself to just one thing.”

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Jordyn continues to expand her horizons not limiting her talents to modeling as she revealed to the world the beautiful voice. Unbeknown to millions of viewers worldwide, we watched the debut of Jordyn’s talents on The Masked Singer. And on April 8, 2020 she was unveiled as the masked kangaroo. Once the news broke of her identity as she effortlessly sang Dancing On My Own her television appearance sparked major conversation on social media about her talents and where she’d be taking them.

“I actually have written some songs and eventually I’m going to make this album. The pandemic has really messed it up and it kind of threw a monkey wrench in my plans – and in everyone’s plans – but for the music, it really messed it up,” the former TV competitor explained. “I am just waiting until I can get back in the studio and record, but there will be music one day! I just don’t know when that day will be.”

In the studio isn’t the only place you can find Jordyn during the wee hours of quarantine. The influencer and talented actress can pin “actress” to the top of her resume as she prepares for the release of independent film Trigger alongside co-stars Flex Alexander and newcomer Jeremy Meeks. The Chris Stokes directed project will not be Jordyn’s first time on screen, as she made her debut in BET+’s Sacrifice with Paula Patton and guest starred on grown-ish with Yara Shahidi and Trevor Jackson. However, this will be her first leading role and she couldn’t be more excited.

When she first auditioned for Trigger, it was for a less centric role, but the director insisted that she take on the lead of Vanessa, the newlywed wife of City Boys’ Wesley Jonathan’s character. “This is back to what I said about trying everything. It was definitely different, I just went for it, I didn’t overthink it and it was a lot of work but it was worth it,” Jordyn said about her experience filming for Trigger and her initial feelings about accepting the role. “I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot and I’m nervous and excited all at the same time to see the movie. I haven’t seen it yet.” Though she didn’t want to give too much away, she told me that we can expect to see intense, emotional scenes from her character and cast mates.

Since her acting debut, Jordyn has evolved as an actress, which has taught her more life lessons that can be applied to her day-to-day lie as she travels through womanhood. “Acting is definitely an art form. You have to really become the character, separate yourself and take yourself out of it. I feel in a lot of situations in life, sometimes you have to be the bigger person and take yourself out of things. Life is kind of like acting in a way,” she laughed about how her onscreen skills transferred off-screen.

“I guess you don’t really get to choose your role, but you choose how you react to things. I just thought of a good quote: ‘You don’t choose what happens, but you choose how you react;’ and that’s kind of like acting.”

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