Texas is home to some of the most amorous people in the country, according to Men's Health.

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Since the late 80’s, Hip-Hop has always had some of the sexiest women on the planet to star in their music videos. From “Rump Shaker” to “Freek-A-Leek,” Hip-Hop is no stranger to beautiful women with curves. However, some of these women stand out more than others for a variety of different reasons and while some […]

Here at HelloBeautiful, we appreciate a good celebrity wedding. Over-the-top decorations, larger-than-life guest lists, to-die-for wedding gowns – what’s not to like? But what we really love are the photos that capture the most romantic moments of the ceremony. Here are a few of our favorite!


After reading the list the morning show put together of the top 10 best songs I decided to do my own list of the worst! So here's what you guys said:


With so much attention being given to rappers who sing and the raging debate on whether singing is “hip-hop” we decided to ask: who are hip-hop’s best singers?

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Since the greatest rapper of all time is white, we thought a tribute to the best white rappers ever is definitely needed. Peep the gallery inside the story!