Today is the anniversary of Prince‘s death and many people around the world are still mourning the icon’s untimely passing. In a week that is sure to be filled with purple-themed parties, we at Global Grind recall some of the best tributes following the passing of the GOAT — as well as the not so […]


The Tony Awards set the bar for diversity on Sunday evening as several actors and actresses of color were recognized for their work; a major difference from the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that ensued earlier this year. For the first time in the ceremony’s history, four musical acting awards were nabbed by Black actors. Broadway hit show […]

Millions of condolences and tributes have poured out since it was announced that Prince passed away on Thursday.

I’m going on vacation next month to the Big Apple and want to see atleast two Broadway shows while I’m down there. The problem is…I’m very indecisive. You have to consider a bunch of things before you help me make my final decisions. Hamilton is sold out (but I could always purchase resell tix from […]

It’s not often that I like a musical at first listen. I remember watching “The Color Purple” musical in Galveston and falling in love with it. I’m headed to New York next and still debating on which two Broadway shows I wanna check out. Jennifer Hudson is currently playing Shug Avery, but I would have […]

Brandy just released a speakeasy, roaring 20s themed video for her single, "Beggin & Pleadin". The "Zoe Ever After" star shared that the visuals were inspired by Shug Avery from 'The Color Purple'.

Jennifer Hudson made it clear that she didn’t think she would be cast as Shug Avery when “The Color Purple” asked her to be apart of the production. Honestly, I was thrown for a loop when I heard that too. I imagined J. Hud playing Celie and tearing up that song “I’m Here.” I guess […]

Oprah and the OWN Network know they’re wrong for the title of this new special that’s airing this month. Oprah Goes To Broadway… to talk to the cast of the revival of The Color Purple. I was thinking we were gonna see the Big O make a big step on stage. (Crosses fingers) Who knows! […]

I come from the theater world and have been acting in shows since I was 5 years old. Like every actor, I’ve played my fair share of understudies… but I’ve also managed to score some lead roles as well. Along the way, I’ve learned about some of the dopest musicals that have ever been created. […]

January was all about one of my favorite broadway shows: “WICKED.” THIS MONTH….I’m highlighting The Color Purple. It was produced by Scott Sanders, Quincy Jones and the one and only Oprah Winfrey (Is her last name even needed)? RELATED: Broadway’s The Color Purple Welcomes Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson! VOTE: Are People Born Wicked? [Written By @TheAmirDiamond] “Wicked” […]

Jennifer Hudson has been cast as Shug Avery on Broadway’s revival of The Color Purple! I think this is a good look for her. She already used to singing and acting her azz off; I KNOW ya’ll remember the Dreamgirls movie. *Starts Singing* And I am teeeeeeelling you! LOL Hudson has won a Grammy, an […]

Nowhere has the depiction of black life been more diverse than in the world of cinema. Go to any video store, surf any video rental website and look at the wide selection of films in the African-American/Black films section. The variety is vast, so if you’re having trouble where to start, here are nine of […]