This segment of Access Houston welcomes the founder of A Survivor’s Voice of Victory, human trafficking activist and survivor, Dr. Nissi Hamilton. January was National Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month and Nissi is talk all about it. She explains the difference between sex trafficking and abduction, what to look for in guys […]

On the season premiere of “Black-ish“ The Roots remade a famous “Schoolhouse Rock” song into “I Am A Slave.” Sign Up For Our Newsletter: In “I Am A Slave” The Roots reenact the history of the end of the slavery and the backstory of Juneteenth. Watch the animated video below: The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

A high school in California is facing backlash for one of their lesson plans that was created to reenact slavery with the students. At Whitney High School, the eighth grade students were personally involved in the slavery reenactment activity… The students had their hands bound with masking tape and they were the slaves and the […]

Last week, the popular gameshow ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ came under fire after they used a Southern themed picture backdrop during one of their shows with people wearing period clothing. The picture was taken at Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana and was supposed to go with their theme of “Southern Charm”, but that wasn’t […]

With photos of Harriet Tubman being few and far between, when a rare new photo of her surfaced it was a huge deal. While most photos depict Tubman as an elderly woman, a newly unearthed picture shows a much younger Tubman and was quickly acquired by the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History […]

The NBA imposed the fine Monday after using the n-word in an interview on Friday.

The South Mountain Elementary School apologized for the assignment and took the drawings down from the school's hallway.

The room of Sally Hemings, a slave who had a long-term relationship with Thomas Jefferson, will be excavated at Monticello.

Rep. John Conyers held a Capitol Hill briefing to spark dialogue about reparations.

NBC News Los Angeles reports the Los Angeles Unified School District is investigating a teacher who gave a word problem to 7-year-olds that featured slaves, cotton picking, “masters,” the "missus," and the “Big House.”

Yale University announced that John C. Calhoun College will be renamed after computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper.

Lynneice Washington has made history as the first African-American woman to become a District Attorney in the state of Alabama.