Just because you like selfies, doesn’t mean the monkey that you are trying to take it with feels like being in the picture! And just because Bubble’s was down with it… doesn’t mean it’s fair game! One girl went on vacation and decided it would be a good idea to start snapping selfie’s with wild […]

Have you ever looked so good, to yourself and took a selfie with a friend but they didn’t look good?  You look to good not to post that picture so your friend gets cropped out. What if that same selfie is with your baby and the picture with the baby doesn’t come across well…do you […]


Parents  usually get so mad whenever their kids are on their phones. This father however, thought it’d be funny to make a video of his daughter having a little too much fun on her phone taking selfies!

The White House considered ending all selfies with President Obama this week after baseball star David Ortiz orchestrated a Samsung publicity stunt. “Maybe this will…

That moment you feel really good about how you look, or feel fly because of a place you’ve visited so you bust out your phone, try and find that right angle and snap that selfie. If you’re like me it took that good ten or so try’s before you get one you like and then […]

Social media has spawned the selfie–a photo of yourself, taken by yourself–and it’s become a defining term of our culture. But who knew that snapping…


Surprisingly, selfies are not as new as we though they were.  Even though mobile phones weren’t invented 60 years ago, Colin Powell still captured his handsome young self with a camera.  He took to Facebook to show off his photo for #ThrowbackThursday.  Even though he probably wasn’t actually the first one to take a selfie, […]


(TheBoxHouston) – Kiotti captures Lil Boosie’s first ever selfie since being released from jail.  Check it out below: Follow us on IG: @HardbodyKiotti /@979TheBox Related: Actor Jason Weaver Slams “Coon Celebrations” Of Lil Boosie’s Release From Jail @HTownCiara Compares Lil Boosie To 2Pac [AUDIO] “Show The World” Houston Recap [VIDEO]

Check out my #HardbodyHotty of the day, Kennedy. I must admit “President Kennedy” is very easy on the eyes. Enjoy her “selfies” & random flashes of “Bey & Jigga” all thru her IG! Eye candy at it’s best! Enjoy! Instagram: PresidentKennedy: 7k+ Followers Follow Us On Instagram + Vine!!! 979TheBox / HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On […]