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Are selfies the new headshots? Totally.

We post 1.8 billion photos to the Internet every day. What do your pics say about your on-fleekness? Celeb Stylist Ty Hunter (you know him from his work with Beyoncé) and I are here to help take your selfie game to the next level with three easy steps.

Get into these simple steps below:


How To Take A Selfie

Source: Danielle James / Taken With iPhone6 and a Ty-Lite

When it comes to taking a flawless selfie, lighting is EVERYTHING. It can make or break your photo. A well-known trick among models is: find the light.

This isn’t always possible, so to prevent this issue, I definitely recommend using Ty-Lite! Ty-Lite is a phone case by Ty Hunter and will change your life. This protective phone case comes with three different light settings so even if it’s a cloudy day or the lighting indoor is poor, you can still look good!


How To Take A Selfie

Source: Danielle James / Taken with iPhone6 and a Ty-Lite

Work baby, work. Angles are everything in a photo. Knowing your angles is extremely important to getting the best selfie. To better learn your angles, you have to know your face, which means spending some time practicing looks in the mirror! You don’t always have to make dramatic movements, a slight tilt of the head can change an entire look of a picture.

Step Up Your Selfie Game

Source: Danielle James / Taken with iPhone6 and a Ty-Lite

Angles also include the way you position and hold the camera. A selfie photographed straight on looks different than the one taken from above. Angling the camera slightly above your head as if it’s looking down on you, is a flattering angle on everyone.


The most important tip. If you are not feeling good about yourself, it will show. You are fabulous and beautiful and a selfie is a perfect way to show that off! Give the camera a big smile or a sexy smize and watch all the likes appear! Confidence truly is your best accessory.

How To Take A Selfie

Source: Danielle James / Taken with iPhone 6 and a Ty-Lite

Well, beauties, now you have all the necessary tips and tricks to ensure your selfie game is on point! Grab a Ty-Lite to ensure you have quality lighting at the tip of your fingers. Strike a pose using the hashtag #SoBeautiful and we’ll repost some of our favorites on the ‘Gram!


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