Chris Brown is not having a good month…After his recent Twitter tirade with Raz-B, Chris acted out again in public this week. The singer was followed and bombarded with questions by the paps as he departed My Studio nightclub this week. Faced with questions like, Do you like razberries Chris?the paps provoked the 21-year-old into […]

Raz-B Denies Starting Twitter Beef With Chris Brown In other ridiculous news, after the longest twitter beef that we’ve seen yet between Chris Brown and the lesser relevant foe Raz-B, the former B2k star is in denial of starting the mellow-drama. Shots were fired between the two, with things ending in a death threat against […]


One thing Chris Brown is familiar with is apologizing. A day after pelting B2K singer Raz-B with a flurry of N-bombs and homophobic tweets Brown apologized for his behavior. The singer, who recently boasted about his completion of a court-ordered, yearlong domestic-violence course as part of his sentencing for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna, told gossip site […]

The Internet was on fire last night with the twitter beef between Chris Brown and ex-B2K singer Raz B. Things have gotten a bit more serious however now that B’s brother Ricky Romance has threatened to end Brown’s life. On late Wednesday, Raz-B sent tweets to Rihanna saying that he would never hurt her like […]


When are these celebrities gonna learn that Twitter is not the place to work out their emotional issues, lol. All day, Raz B has been on a mission to fill Matty Camp-y Poo’s spot now that he’s gone. But rather than cop a calling card and hit up Rihanna in Barbados, he’s been assaulting her […]


So who is the Houston native Tila Tequila makin moves on now!?