In the past few months I have had a lot of people tell me that my skin looks amazing.  It’s such a compliment!  The next statement is always followed by “What do you use on your skin?”  Well, I will say that I believe most of my clear skin stems from healthy eating however I […]

  Kids love pancakes! But kids love their names spelled out in pancakes even more! Think of all the super cute things you can make with this Tovolo Pancake Pen! It’s the best! Easy to use and easy clean up too!  To see more products that we love CLICK HERE!

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Beauties, if you thought you were the only ones obsessed with products, you haven’t seen Laz Alonso’s cabinets. The hunk behind films like “Avatar” and…

Here is my interview with registered dietitian Ashley Food about Fair Trade and why buying these products can change the world!