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Beauties, if you thought you were the only ones obsessed with products, you haven’t seen Laz Alonso’s cabinets. The hunk behind films like “Avatar” and “Jumping The Broom” is somewhat of a product junkie, and his latest campaign for Proctor & Gamble, “Try It And Love It,” is giving him a fix by letting him share some of his favorite over-the-counter offerings that he uses to keep it sexy on set.

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“Most recently, on the NBC pilot show I’m working on now, ‘The Mysteries of Laura,’ they told me that I had a shirtless scene that I had to prepare for and, as actors, when they tell us we have to take our shirt off, we go into panic mode,” Alonso tells us. “What looks good in the mirror isn’t necessarily going to translate on camera. So, I’ve been working out a lot doing two-a-days, going through a lot of laundry and that’s when I discovered Gain Tide Dragonfruit liquid detergent with Febreeze freshness. I was already using Fabreeze just to keep my furniture and my drapes smelling fresh because I like to have the guys over and watch sports and light up some cigars. I was always using Gain in my laundry room but, this product where they combine Gain and Fabreeze freshness with this little Tide Dragonfruit scent has been a godsend to me for keeping my clothes extra, extra fresh. You know who appreciates the Dragonfruit scent more than I do? Everyone who’s in the gym working out beside me because I started smelling like Tide Dragonfruit.”

Alonso also touts the wonders of Gillette razors — which he’s been using since he was a young man learning how to shave — and Old Spice soap “because it also smells amazing,” when he’s getting ready to fight the bad guys in his latest series.

Laz may “panic” when going shirtless on screen but ladies loved it when he shared a picture of himself lathering up with Old Spice.


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The actor has been busy filming ‘The Mysteries Of Laura,” in New York starring as a partner to a homicide detective played by Debra Messing (“Will And Grace”), which is giving him a chance to flex his comedic chops as much as the opportunity to show off his gym results.

“It’s a show that I’m having a lot of fun with, just because the material gives the show a light-hearted comedic side that I don’t think you see in a lot of my body of work,” the actor says. “While I’ve been successful playing dramatic roles, I love comedy. A lot of the comedians that know me are like, ‘you need to do comedy, you’re hilarious, people don’t know that about you. So, this show, it’s a dramedy, it’s not 100 percent a comedy, but it’s very light-hearted. Debra Messing’s character and I are partners on the beat. We couldn’t come from more complete opposite worlds. Her character lives out in the suburbs and is the mother of twins and yes, she’s a homicide detective, but she’s more of a mom more than anything else and my character is from the inner city of New York. Our two world collide, but in some weird way, it works perfectly when it comes to solving crimes.”

Up next, the actor is still waiting to hear if he’ll reprise his role as ”Jason Taylor” in a possible sequel to “Jumping The Broom,” a rumor that he saw online the same time the rest of us did. “People have been blowing up my timeline on Twitter and Instagram asking me about it and I’m really good friends with Devon Franklin, the studio executive over at Sony and he hasn’t confirmed or denied it either. So, the fact that he’s keeping so tight-lipped about it is making me think that maybe it’s true because every other time that I called Devon, he’s like ‘all right, man, we’re working on it.’ I hope that it is true and if it is, I think that basically Sony heard all the cries from all the fans, which every since the first ‘Jumping The Broom’ came out, fans have been almost begging for part 2 to come out. Hopefully, they’ll give the fan base what they want.”

If it’s like that, consider this our official request for more shirtless scenes.


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