Veteran R&B singer Nivea has opened up in recent times about some of the struggles that led to her downfalls in the industry, but a new sit-down interview with Kandi Burress proved to be a true eye-opener into some of the extreme adversities she had to actually go through.

As if Kendall Jenner‘s Pepsi debacle wasn’t draining enough for the Internet, Nivea also caught the wrath of social media for their last campaign. The beauty brand is now officially pulling the plug on their recent “White Is Purity” ad after it triggered major backlash on social media for being racist and insensitive. The original […]

The ad was deemed racist by social media and shared by right wing groups supporting white supremacist views.

Waddup, it’s Amir Diamond. If Lil Wayne & Christina Milian don’t have something going on, he sure does know how to keep us wondering. A new collaboration song has surfaced that includes Young Thug & Lil Wayne bragging about how they are going to TAKE KARE of her….whoever HER is. LOL Follow @979TheBox on Twitter […]

Well just in case you were wondering if Nivea was cool with sharing a SECOND EX with Christina Milian she sets the record straight here.  

The-Dream’s been busy writing for some of the biggest-selling artists like Beyonce, Mariah Carey & Rihanna. Now, he’s back with a song…and an album of his own. Check out “Slow It Down (Explicit) feat. Fabolous” from his upcoming album IV PLAY. IV PLAY drops on May 28, 2013. You ready?  

Nivea wants black men to “re-civilize” themselves by adhering to Nivea guidelines and style experts who think this is how a black man should look: As you can see an Afro and beard would make black men appear too close to barbaric even though this is how most black men’s hair would naturally grow in. […]

Nivea who was recently arrested, for driving while intoxicated, took to Twitter to clear her name. The singer tweeted: Thank You 2 all that were concerned, I’m doing fine! I NEVER said what ppl r saying I said to/about the cop by the way. Its just unfortunate how the Media & Law can be used […]

Lil Wayne is out of jail in time for his oldest child’s 12th birthday party. Reginae Carter partied on at Ludacris’ restaurant, Straits, in the Atlanta this week.

Wayne is somewhat of a cultural icon depending on your age bracket and how well versed you are on his career as a whole. Our sister station, wanted to take time out to focus on the 12 most impactful, controversial, ground-breaking and career changing moments in DeWayne Carter’s life…Lets go!!!!! 1. Wayne signs to […]


Nivea and ATL rapper Rasheeda partied it up for Rasheeda’s album release party in Germany.