We’re thinking Chris Brown was inspired by Trey Songz soft-porn videos when he called director Colin Tilley for his “No Bullshit” music video.

We just came across this new song from Fantasia entitled “Bittersweet” – It has been confirmed as the official first single from the American Idol alum’s forthcoming third album (due out later in 2010).

Jim Jones announced today that he will be teaching a music business class to high school students! “I’ll be teaching … once a week for eight weeks,” Jones added. “Hopefully, the kids will come on out and get up and close with the music business from an executive point of view, from an artist point […]

Check out Lil Wayne’s video from the No Ceilings mixtape “I’m Single.” Lil Wayne |MTV Music http://cdn.kysdc.com/external/js/gallery/82261/


“We were beginner’s in the hood as Five Percenters / But something must’ve got in us, ‘cause all of us turned to sinners…” -AZ on Nas’ “Life’s a Bi#ch” Hip-Hop has lost its way… or shall we say balance.   While flaunting money and drug game exploits run abundant, the lessons in the music have been […]

Chris Brown is reaching out to his fans for help.  Apparently radio stations are not playing his music and he wants his fans to support him.


Southern rap legends 8Ball and MJG are set to end their hiatus in Hip-Hop with a new album.

Pharrell, N.E.R.D.'s front man and ½ of the legendary Neptunes, is continuing to make original music for Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's upcoming 3-D CGI feature “Despicable Me.

With Nicki Minaj popping up any and everywhere, nobody would have come to remember that there was any other female rapper that still existed in Hip Hop that retained some type of relevance.