So Ce-Loo Green showed up to the Grammy’s last night dressed in “All Gold Everything” as Trinidad James would say Lol.  He said he did it to promote his alter ego’s Gnarly Davidson new album “F**k Me I’m F*****“. Here’s the funniest CeLoo Green Grammy Memes and reactions! When it comes to fashion Cee-Lo Green is definitely not afraid to take risks at all. Sunday night at the Grammys if there was a Grammy award for the most memeable moment that award would have went to Cee-Lo Green. Tonight he unveiled his new persona “Gnarly Davidson” and ummmmm he’s quite interesting looking. […] Last night, Lady Gaga took on the gigantic task of performing during halftime of what turned out to be probably one of the greatest Super Bowls (if you’re a Patriot fan) ever witnessed! Now it’s up for debate whether or not she delivered (I think she did) but it would seem a lot of […] It’s a new year and one thing still remains the same Black Twitter is still greatness and has the ability to “tweet through” any situation. Case in point, earlier tonight Yahoo Finance’s Twitter Account made one of the most egregious Twitter errors ever when they tweeted this: Now any smart person knows whoever is […]

Damn 2016 took another life and that would be Ronda Rousey’s career😦. What was being built as the comeback of one of UFC’s most popular athletes turned out to be a huge dub. Yeah, I know, I know, we saw a very focused and ripped Ronda Rousey ready to redeem herself after suffering a crushing […]

Memes make the world go clown. Which memes were your favorite in 2016? Flip through the top 7 memes of 2016 below! 1. Kermit memes     2. Joe Biden   3. Jaheims New Hairstyle memes   4. Jordan Crying memes   5. Yung Jocs Hair memes   6. #UNameItChallenge memes   7. Keyshia Cole […]

Here’s some of the funniest If Young Metro don’t trust you memes!

This season of The Walking Dead has been a very long and torturous one. We had to watch our favorite leader Rick Grimes and group of zombie apocalypse survivors bend to the will of Negan and his vicious Saviors. Now in the six seasons of the show it’s just something that fans weren’t used to […]

Love and Hip-Hop NY was it’s usual over the top self and there was drama for days on tonight’s episode. The person that stole the show tonight was Samantha’s (Mendeecees baby mother) mother Kim. Now we all came to know Kim last season for hilariously asking for her dry cleaning bill for her gangsta suits to […]

Kanye West might have lost quite a few fans when he insulted Hillary Clinton (he donated to her campaign), and made the announcement that he is pro-Trump even though he didn’t vote. Kanye may have officially crossed the line last night when he blasted Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z in another bizarre 17-minute-long rant […]