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Deon Broxton

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Leave it to Black people to supply relief in the form of comedy during these trying times. One reporter’s ability to dodge incoming trouble has provided us with a new meme.

Thanks to  Deion Broxton, a reporter for KTVM-TV in Butte, Montana, the meme calendar has been updated, and this one is a certified classic. On Wednesday  (Mar.25), he shared a video of himself reporting from Yellowstone National Park, a setting you wouldn’t really find any Black folk. In the clip, you quickly see his attention shifts when he notices the park’s local wildlife, in this case, a group of curious bison making their way towards him.

While side-eyeing the bison, Broxton says Oh, my God, oh, my God,” and then hilarious states, “Oh, no, I ain’t messing with you,” while making the most Black exit ever. The video since he uploaded has amassed 10 million views on Twitter.

Broxton even shared an additional video of the bison who were looking to make an appearance on his camera with the caption:

“Here’s the video of the bison I shot once I got a safe distance away lol.”

Yellowstone National Park even got in on the action sharing the video and thanking the reporter for his swift action stating in a tweet:

“A perfect example of what to do when approached by wildlife!”Thanks, Deion, for putting the #YellowstonePledge into action!”

The pledge calls for visitors to give the park’s wildlife room and follow other simple rules to stay safe while visiting.

In an interview with Maryland’s Towson University, his alma mater, Broxton confirmed his Blackness stating “nothing could prepare a guy who grew up in Baltimore to deal with the wildlife in Montana. I’m used to rats, not bison.”

We totally understand.

Well, we thank Deion for the meme that even NFL Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders had to comment on as well. You can peep all of the hilarious memes in the gallery below.

Photo: Deon Broxton

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