Local pediatrician was found safe Sunday after she called home from El Campo, Texas. Fehintola Omidele, 25, was reported missing on Dec. 3 after her car…

After a local family experienced a tramatic event of their grocery cart breaking and thrusting their infant into the concrete, they have decided to take legal action towards Walmart. Follow Me –> @Michele979 FULL STORY

In yesterday’s game against the Oakland Raiders, Mario Williams was taken out before half time because of a torn pectoral muscle. The defensive lineman will need surgery, and the average recovery time is at least a year. I just hope that Texans can still pull off the season, and not do a repeat of last […]

I swear I can’t make this stuff up!!! On Sunday, a man was arrested for stealing a local Bank of America’s ATM machine, with a forklift. Unfortunately for him, the weight of the machine caused him to lose control of his truck and he crashed into a ditch, not too far down the street. Obviously, […]

I’m sorry but this story is funny as hell! Yesterday, Local 2 News reported that a Houston beauty store was held, not at gun point, not at knife point, but at “rock” point!  The woman responsible was not looking to steal money, but hair extensions.  HPD is currently investigating. REALLY??!!! I sympathize with the store owner […]