Kim Karadashian

Isn’t it ironic that Kris Jenner is dating a man named Corey “Gamble”. Is she willing to bet her multi-million dollar fortune on him when they divorce? According to Radar Online, the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner empire is ready to jump the broom with her 34-year old boyfriend of 14-months. We all remember the lavish wedding […]

GOOD LAWD say what you want about Kim Kardashian but you have to respect her business game. Kim Kardashian has officially hit the money pot. The reality star’s new app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, is expected to bring in around $200 million this year, netting her an $85 million windfall. The app, was created by San Francisco-based […]

Kanye West likes to be controvercial In the latter years, Kanye West has made it his business to become the American Pop culture tycoon he is today. And a book called Kanye West Superstar is supposed to tell the story of just how the phenomena that is Yeezus came to be. Kanye West is the self-proclaimed […]

You can file this one under “Gotta hear both sides,” or at least one side. Reportedly Jay Z has turned down Kanye West’s request to be the best man in his wedding to Kim Kardashian because he doesn’t want to be on reality TV.

After giving fans some heartfelt words via Twitter, Kanye West and fiancee Kim Kardashian celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the album that started it all, The College Dropout.

Kim Kardashian is a FRAUD who’s poisoning the minds of impressionable young women … because in real-life, she’s got the body of a HOBBIT … this according to the people at “South Park.”

Being Kanye West’s baby mama does have it benefits. Kim Kardashian stunted on sneakerheads everywhere this morning when she posted a pic of the highly coveted all-red Nike Air Yeezy 2s. – Source