With unemployment nearing double digits, it's hard to imagine there are jobs, ready for the taking but it's true. Many companies are hiring, and can't fill their slots fast enough. Here are seven jobs companies are desperate to fill, and how you can qualify

The House passed a bill Tuesday afternoon providing $26.1 billion to cash-strapped state governments, and preventing roughly 161,000 teachers and 158,000 public works employees from being laid off. The vote was 247-161. Democratic leadership has been under tremendous pressure to pass legislation before the start of the school year policy-wise, and before the November elections […]

VIA AOL.com: We know that searching for a job these days can be quite frustrating. To help you get started, we’ve tracked down 10 top companies that posted the most new jobs this week. Happy hunting! Sears is a leading full-line retailer providing merchandise, related services and quality brands such as Kenmore, Craftsman, Diehard and […]

Here’s are jobs in Houston that you heard about on today’s MADD HATTA MORNING SHOW… JOBS 3-11-10 Here’s are jobs in Houston that you heard about on today’s MADD HATTA MORNING SHOW.. JESSE CARTER – PRECISION DRILLING , WAREHOUSE TO ADMIN. FROM $17 AN HOUR- 713-397-0948 SONJA FOLLS – MEDIC TRANSIT EMS 713-795-4445 AMBULANCE WORKERS- […]

Job seekers do themselves a disservice when they send out résumés with too much information. Employers don't have the time or the patience to sift through irrelevant information like your hobbies, interests or how many grandchildren you have. Just stick to the basics and you're good to go. Here are 10 things to leave off your résumé and why: