Who is “King Vory” & how would you know him??? If you’ve heard Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t”, you know King Vory. He has writing credits & vocals on both. From what I understand he’s actually from or spent some time in Houston. He’s only 18 years old, so you have plenty of time to learn about him… […]

I support the hustlers!!! Jef Jonsin has been on theboxhouston.com before. Last time you heard from him, he was in France performing for Kanye West… IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. ON TOP OF HIS TOUR BUS!!! (He gets extra credit for creativity, timing, & hustle credit) My homey is back state side and back […]

I know you think impressing one of Hip Hip’s BIGGEST stars is a HUGE task. Kanye West is arguably one of the biggest artist globally. Anything he does makes world news. His wife is a superstar as well. His rants are EPIC!!! And to get his attention is no small task. Well an artist with […]

I love hustlers!!! Meet Jef Jonsin. Midwest native recently relocated right here to the Houston area. Would you believe in your dream enough to live out of a van? To sell everything you own to finance a possibly endless road trip??? All for the love of your music??? Or how about running up on Jay […]