21-year-old Sean Reed was tased and fatally shot in Indianapolis, Indiana while streaming on Facebook live after a high-speed chase and footrace with a police officer.

Halloween must’ve came early this year for an Indianapolis man who robbed a bank on Saturday dressed as legendary singer Rick James. According to reports, the man was accompanied by an accomplice who dressed like Youngblood Priest from the classic 70’s movie Super Fly.  Around 12pm on Saturday, the embellished robbers entered the Indiana Members Credit Union and demanded money. Police say […]

After being shot in the stomach, Carl Williams is expected to survive his injuries. Meanwhile, the officer has been placed on administrative leave.

The Indianapolis natives' photo went viral, garnering over 19,000 retweets and the formation of their own "Mom, twin and me" Instagram page.

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Indianapolis police fatally shot a 15-year-old boy who they accuse of accelerating a car towards them.

I was just sent a real gem that I would be foolish not to share with all of you that haven’t heard it. New Justus,…


I must say I am glad to be back in H-Town!!! I flew to Indiana over the weekend to enjoy some time with my friends and family. Friday night I was just so excited to get my eyebrows done (it’s a woman thang) by the lady who has been doing my eye brows for years! […]

Da Boi Genius goes to Indianapolis for Monday Night Football Game Texans vs Colts, and talks to NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk as well as Indy Tailgater’s. “We don’t like Cowboys round here”- Colts Fan