It is National Black/Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! Do you know your status? Listen to Hattie’s story of how we has lived with HIV at the age 61 and is still loving life!


Testing the vaccine on humans is a major advantage and advancement after so many families have been shaken by HIV. According to the Huffington Post, Canadian researchers’ first round of tests or Phase I is purely for safety. Source


I had a chance to talk to a Transgender person with HIV back in June for National HIV Testing Day. Check out her story.

via: In the United States, more than 6,500 people are waiting for HIV/AIDS drugs from a government program. The AIDS Drug Assistance Program provides medication to people with HIV/AIDS who are uninsured, low-income and otherwise unable to afford the life-saving drugs. These drugs can cost upwards of $4,000 a month. In 12 states, ADAP […]


Today is World Aids Day. If you don’t know your status, please get tested. Protect yourself. SAFE SEX IS THE BEST SEX!!  Check out all the FREE testing locations.

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Rapper Lil B made headlines earlier this year when he chose to name his album I’m Gay.  The 21-year-old explained the bold move to CNN stating, “I hope that I can turn some of my fans that might be homophobic or supporters that might be homophobic and say, ‘You know what, we’re all one people. […]

Magic Johnson: 20th Anniversary of HIV Announcement Whether you believe he had it, has it, lost it or was pegged as the official spokesperson for the disease, it’s been 20 years sinceMagic Johnson announced he had the HIV virus. Source

North East Campus Houston Community College. KNOW YOUR STATUS People are coming out to get tested, and get their ticket for the HIP-HOP FOR HIV CONCERT July 30, 2011.

I am Jermaine Wright, a 22yo black gay male living with HIV. I made this video to help others cope with their diagnosis and to share my experiences with others.

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day and as a means to further educate the readers of HelloBeautiful, I’ve gathered a few facts that some of you may or may not have known. Reportedly 13% of African Americans make up for the population of people living with HIV/AIDS in the US, while 49% of people […]

HIV and AIDS are not the same thing… HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks and breaks down the body’s immune system – the “internal defense force” that fights off infections and disease. When the immune system becomes weak, we lose our protection against illness and can develop serious, often life-threatening, infections and […]

Houston ranks 8th nationally in the number of total reported AIDS cases African American and Hispanic women together represent less than 25% of all U.S. women, yet they account for more than 78% of AIDS cases reported to date among women. Today, 40 million people worldwide are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS An estimated […]