HIV / AIDS – Imagine a real possibility of an AIDS free generation…With 97.9 The Box’s Hip Hop 4 HIV concert and other community events around the United States encouraging young people to know their status, there is a real opportunity of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. “Turning The Tide: Houston” highlights the concert where local hip hop stars including Kirko […]

As the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C started July 22-27, 2012, 22,000 leaders, experts and other individuals gathered to end the AIDS pandemic. Their focus was to spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS and capture the sense of hope and optimism for people living with the virus. One of the advocates to add her powerful international […]

“Stay strapped and be careful who you sticking it to” warns Young Thugga and late member of Trill Lil Phat who recently lost his life to a tragic shooting. In this rare clip from the 2008 Ozone Awards in Houston, TX, Young Thugga and Lil Phat mention to fans the importance of condom use because […]

Making a mark on the hip hop industry, 17 year old Diggy Simmons doesn’t let anything distract him including ladies from different cities. The rising superstar believes being focused in his career and abstaining from distractions helps him be the person his father Reverened Run raised him to be. Check out more of Diggy Simmons […]

Self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Rap for the Capital” Wale tells his views on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the importance of getting tested. During his visit to Houston, TX, Wale speaks with CCM  Foundation and stresses the importance of staying strapped. Getting tested and being in the know about the HIV/AIDS virus is important to Wale because HIV rates […]

Over the last week, Frank Ocean has received an outpouring of love from the music industry, fans, friends and family, but all the responses haven’t been so great.  For whatever reason, Lil  Scrappy decided to weigh in, by telling  TMZ that while he is happy that Ocean revealed his love for another man, he blames “closeted” gay men for spreading […]

From Blogger, Tamika Mallory Recently, I was asked to promote National HIV Testing Day (June 27th) and came across the startling statistics regarding Black women. So of course, I got to thinking: Why are our numbers continuously rising when the overall numbers of those infected have remained somewhat steady, if not declining? And despite […]

Every 9.5 minutes, someone in the U.S is infected with HIV, and in order to protect yourself from this serious virus is to get tested and know about the disease. However, there are a lot of questions that come about when HIV comes to mind; How can I avoid getting infected? Who’s most susceptible to […]

Do you think you know everything about HIV? Absolutely Everything? HIV is a virus that attacks and breaks down the immune system and nearly 1.2 million people are living with HIV. Test your knowledge on HIV, AIDS and all aspects of sexual health here! Check out the world’s most popular HIV and AIDS website at Related […]

Today is National HIV Testing Day! National HIV Testing Day is an annual campaign coordinated by the National Association of People With AIDS to encourage people of all ages to get tested. In order to protect yourself from HIV, get tested today. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks and breaks down the body’s immune system […]

WASHINGTON — American consumers may soon be able to test themselves for the virus that causes AIDS in the privacy of their own homes, after…