Have another one…key that is with DJ Khaled. Celebrate success with your new bestfriend, the DJ Khaled Doll!

I’m sure by now a lot of parents have seen the movie “Frozen” a hundred million times by now, and can sing “Let It Go” in their sleep. I guess this Dad decided he was going to pay her daughter back… and gets his daughter an actual frozen doll… literally. Check it out below! @DJBRyte

Online national retailers have seemed to have priced the black Barbies higher than white Barbies. Why? It’s a tough question and one that some of America’s biggest retailers are having to answer amid the biggest shopping time of the year. Target.com had the white Barbie Fashion Design Maker doll on sale for $23.49, but the […]

American Girl is discontinuing two of their dolls of color. The first is Asian American Ivy, and the second is African American Cécile. The company…


A man in Italy has paid thousands of dollars to keep his ex-girlfriend in his life. According to Italy’s “Il Messaggero,” the 50-year-old gave adult toymaker Diego Bortolin more than 18-thousand dollars to create a life-like sex doll that resembles his ex. The man provided Bortolin with photos of his former flame and reportedly told […]