Seems Like Dr. Dre Forgot To Pay His Tab At The Recording Studio!

Diddy talks about his new Diddy Beats headphones, Dr. Dre, will he get married and is he managing Nicki Minaj.

Dr. Dre has confirmed that Detox will be released this year and the first single, “Under Pressure” with Jay Z is expected to drop any week now! See the full video below!!

via – BLOG We dunno if you’re as excited as we are for this… BUT apparently Dr Dre has a NEW single & its called “Under Pressure” (FINALLY!!!) Could this be signs of things to come!?? We hope so… WOTS… in a recent interview w/ the New England Sports Network promoting the “Beats” by […]

Now that is definitely a question that a lot of us may be asking ourselves (at least those of us who care)

We're beginning to get the feeling that we'll never got another album out of Dr. Dre