On this segment of Access Houston, KG Smooth welcomes Author Avery Washington to talk about his books ‘Letters To My Daughters: Poetic Affirmations of Love from a Father’ and the 2nd edition of letters to my daughters – ‘Legacy’. We also discuss the important bond between father and daughter, having father/daughter vacations, and his new […]

The connection you have with your mom is a wonderful, beautiful thing, but let’s not forget about dad. In honor of Father’s Day, we want to celebrate the special things that just make a healthy relationship with your dad particularly great. There’s nothing quite like the bond between a father and his baby girl, and […]

Hey guys @jjonthemic here! So, if you heard I had an interesting chat with my baby girl who claims to have a boyfriend. Okay, so as you can imagine I have a problem with this she’s only SEVEN! I tell her ‘you don’t have no boyfriend’ to which she responds ‘Yes, we traded for candy […]

No, that wasn’t a typo, Diddy gets his grown woman on, in his Instagram video he dances with his girl’s to Beyonce’s song Grown Woman at their birthday party. That’s not all though, there was more girlie themed stuff at the party besides Beyoncé tunes including Disney princesses (real life ones), pretty princess gowns, sparkly cakes and […]

Diddy might want to go check on his young twin daughters. A new lawsuit is alleging Diddy’s baby momma Kim Porter is an unfit mother…

Check out Nas performing last night on David Letterman.  He performs one of my favorite songs from his new album Life is Good…”Daughters”.

A few weeks ago Nas released a song from his new album, “Daughters”[listen here] which addressed his daughter Destiny’s antics on Twitter. Some music fans…