You see that beautiful woman in the picture above? That’s Kali Hawk – one of the funniest women on television. With over a million followers on Twitter, Kali has been able to create a very impressive and hilarious resume. I discovered her when she appeared in Couples Retreat as Trudy and after our conversation, I knew she […]

Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favorite actors to keep up with because I love what he stands for as a person as well. Harris is an extremely talented guy and was one of the funniest characters on “How I Met Your Mother.” It threw people for a loop when he announced his homosexuality, […]

Hollywood funny man Kevin Hart has been announced as the first guest on Comedy Central's The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.

Jay Z is rolling right along with TIDAL. The mogul will be live streaming a brand new comedy series with Cipha Sounds starting next Tuesday…

In the fourth episode of "The Carmichael Show," comedian Jerrod Carmichael becomes a Big Brother to a kid who comes out as a transgender.

Tracy Morgan, who was gravely injured in a car accident last year, will host the third episode of SNL's new season on October 17.

Your favorite prankster is back!!! I can’t stop laughing at “FouseyTube”. (Or this pic of Don Lemon) I always tell people you give away WAAAYYYYY too much info on social media. Check out how people react, when a complete stranger knows their personal business.  When “geo tagging” goes wrong. LMAO!!! I’m a preacher of privacy! […]

Watching Amy Schumer on camera is a similar experience to watching a sex scene in the same room as your boyfriend’s mom. Slightly uncomfortable, definitely…

Black women make up the funniest demographic in comedy, but why do they have to fight so hard for their space?

I try my best not to make joke on social media that come across as hurtful. Last week, I contemplated on whether or not I should post a meme about “Fetty Wap.” I ended up following through with my decision, because it’s a joke that’s funny regardless of his vision disability. It made me feel […]

DID YOU SEE THE PRESIDENT LAST NIGHT ?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG this man has got to be the coolest President to EVER reside in The White House! Just when you think he could not possibly get any cooler, he goes and does this! His comedic delivery at the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend was better […]