Your favorite orange tabby cat has passed on. Bento, better known as “Keyboard Cat” has delight social media/internet fans with his spunky, fun piano offerings. The cat, had been giving internet “life” for almost a decade, even starred in a pistachios commercial. One of the most famous internet kitties time ended earlier this month, according […]

Tyga is a good dad when it comes to son King—but when it comes to his pet Tiger, he definitely dropped the ball. According to reports, Tyga’s Tiger is living at Lions, Tigers & Bears non-profit rescue in So Cal, but the staff says that he never made any effort to help out with the cat’s […]

To all my animal lovers, check out this HILARIOUS commercial of 13 dogs and 1 cat enjoying a Holiday feast… but with human hands.  So cute! @DJBRyte


This is so funny! Check out this monkey trying his hardest to wake up the cat to play!  I couldn’t help but think about when guys are trying to get it and ladies are like “Naw Boo…I’m Sleepy” LOL!!  

On Sunday, Lee Palmer and partner Teresa Barker’s, 22-pound black-and-white Himalayan cat called Lux, got a little territorial and scratched their seven-month-old, Jesse, in the face. Palmer’s justice was swift and unkind, Lux got a stiff one in the tailfeather. Then Lux’s justice was just as swift when it went on a rampage and started […]