Seems Diddy is in the dog house with a few of his label’s former artists. First, there’s Brian Angel of Day 26, who took to Twitter to express his dismay about not being invited to perform at the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. “With all do respect I’m tryna figure out @iamdiddy how can you have a BAD BOY reunion […]

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Foreign a couple times at Brian Angel’s studio sessions. I never knew Foreign was an artist; I thought he was a comedian! LOL This dude has a knack for making people laugh and filling up a room with positive energy. It’s one thing when artists are down to earth […]

The R&B Gentleman (Denaron) is really a gentleman. This dude keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to working out and eating right. I appreciate him for helping me live a healthier lifestyle. Sidenote: He’s good at tempting me to make trips to Whataburger too. LOL Peep his new video “Body (feat. […]

I’m so grateful that there are amazing artists like Brian Angel who find my show special enough to premiere new music on. Lol Almost 10 years ago, I was singing songs from “Making The Band” around the living room wishing that I could be an honorary member. Angel’s played a few songs for me in […]

Brian Angel has got to be one of the most down to earth celebrities I know. Whenever we hang out, he always brings some dope positive energy in the room with him. Brian gave me the chance to interview him back in my University of Houston internet radio days (way before 97.9 The Box). It […]

I admire Brian Angel’s down to earth mentality. This guy has been in the very successful music group Day26, but has not let that get to his head. B has showed me love way before I got on air at 97.9 The Box. He supported me back when I had my little radio internet show […]

Real R&B music has been missing for a while now, so it’s always refreshing when I hear artists like Denaron and Brian Angel still doing their thing. “Body” is one of those songs that you’d prolly wanna add to that “Freaky S***” playlist of yours. Lol Do people even make love like that anymore? Or […]

Yes my brothers & sisters!!! Trill Tuesdays are back upon us. I hope you have an appetite for some new music from some local artist. Hopefully you have a pen & pad as well. If you like what you hear, support these guys. Signed, Radio Boss. Psyco Sid is one of Houston’s hardest working artist. From […]

I met Brian Angel in 2012 when I attended U of H and this dude has been a great person to have in my contact list. I first interviewed him for my internet radio show that I had in college and asked him some tough, personal questions…in a respectful way and he answered every single […]

What’s up, It’s Amir Diamond and Brian Angel was cool enough to come on my little known radio show back when I attended the University of Houston. This dude treats everyone with respect and that is what I love about him. Although Day26 is back together, he’s still working on solo stuff; Gotta get that […]

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