This segment of Access Houston we welcome back Yogi Jaz Porter from Yoga Evolution TV and she brought her friend and business partner, Alicia b.k.a. Afro Yoga on Instagram. We talk about everything yoga, from what it is, to how it can really benefit your life. The ladies also tell us about their Yoga Entrepreneur […]

Our next conversation is with Yoga instructor Yogi Jaz Porter. Jaz is back on the program to talk about the benefits of yoga, her monthly yoga events, her podcast, and a Yoga Day Retreat. We also talk about soul levels, religion, and mediation. Thank you for listening!

There are a rising number of qualified black yoga instructors.  I was delighted to have recently received a Twitter “mention”  from  @ivywriter / Kellea Tibbs who inspired this post about exploring her Yoga journey.  “Finding these people has been very inspiring and helps make me want to make a deeper cultural connection to the art […]