This segment of Access Houston we welcome Carmen Herrera, representing the Power Networking Conference PNC 2019 is the world’s #1 conference for black entrepreneurs and professionals. There will be over 50 experts that will teach you how to earn, mange, and grow $1 million. Our next conversation is with Taurea Avant founder of URBAN CEO, […]


The reality tv star and ex-wife to Lil' Wayne, talks parenting, her business, and more.

There are many portals in both print and digital formats which assist with the promotion and support of Black businesses. Prior to the boom of…


// Business owners are an integral part of the Black community. They help uplift our people economically, and serve as role models so that future generations know they can achieve real success as entrepreneurs. Are you a Black business owner making an impact in your community? Know someone who is? Tell them about this great […]