The woman at the center of the prostitution scandal that embarrassed the Secret Service has gone into hiding. 24-year-old Dania Londano Suarez has been identified as one of the escorts hired by the security agents during their trip to Cartagena, Colombia in which they were supposed to protect President Obama. See Photos here

President Obama may be busy running the country, but that doesn’t mean that he has no time for guilty pleasures. We already know that he likes to carry a tune from time to time and in aninterview with the Bill Simmons, of, Mr. President revealed that he’s not only a fan of The Wire, but has […]


Bin Laden Planned To Kill Barack Obama U.S. officials have found documents that reveal Osama bin Laden was plotting to assassinate President Obama. According to reports by ABC News: U.S. officials are analyzing one million pages of data from the trove found in Osama bin Laden’s compound during the raid that killed him, and say they have learned […]


President Obama Addresses Media After Birther Controversy Now that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate has been released by the White House, the President is ready to move pass the “birther” controversy that has following him throughout his presidency. Read more


Lupe Fiasco is never one to hold back and his latest track “Words I Never Said” proves no different. On Tuesday, the Chi-town rapper released the track featuring Skylar Grey who lends vocals while he calls out FOX News’ Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck before firing on President Obama. On the track a brazen Wasalu […]


Fox rejects ‘Jesus hates Obama’ Super Bowl ad according to site creator Richard Belfry The Fox Television Network may have been displaying integrity by refusing to run the ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ commercial during the upcoming Superbowl but the controversial ad has brought exposure to the campaign created by comedian Richard Belfry. The ad features two bobblehead dolls, one […]


Speculating that President Barack Obama will replace Vice President Joe Biden with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket has been a private pastime among some Democrats over the past few months, and it broke into the open Tuesday night when investigative reporter Bob Woodward said in an interview on CNN it was a […]