Akon has announced the launch of a new foundation to help serve under privileged children in Africa.

Akon may have a new wife, which will make her wife #4!!!

Akon spoke to VIBE recently about the “competition” between the onetime hit-maker Christina Aguilera, and his artist, new “It” girl, Lady Gaga. “Aw man, that’s not even any competition,” Akon tells Vibe. “You are actually giving Christina too much credit. She always had her cool little look and way about how she went about things. […]

If Akon hasn’t tapped into enough industries for you then you’ll love “Konvict.” Thats right Akon, has launched a fragrance line.

While most of us are cracking up about Lady Gaga’s wacky attire, Akon is laughing straight to the bank. The pop superstar is signed to Akon’s KonLive imprint and her success has made a fortune for him!

No they're not a couple, but they have been busy @ work

Akon who has confessed he practices polygamy and has three wives sure knows how to pick them.