If Akon had things his way, every men would be able to have as many wives as he’d like. TMZ caught up with the singer…


    DJ Khaled is one of the hardest working men in the industry. Period. He has that “how did he pull that off” factor. 2 OG’s, Hot new rapper, 3 platinum singers… ALL ON ONE SONG!!! Suffering From Success! “Never Surrender” has a great story line to this video. Enjoy! SIDE NOTE… Scarface is […]

Singer Akon has landed himself in the middle of a court battle for injuring a concert employee in Alabama. Apparently, the singer stage dove and…

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A lot of times, children get underestimated. Although we tell kids they can do anything they want as long as they put their minds to it, some of us tend to be skeptical when their desires lead them to the entertainment industry. Some make it and some don’t. Willow Smith reps well for the adolescent girls. For the young […]

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Verse Simmonds finally releases the music video to his hit “Boo Thang” featuring Kelly Rowland.  If you don’t know what a boo thang is, take a few minutes to check out the music video. Akon and Lil’ Duval also appear in the video. Check it out below! Recent Posts: Verse Simmonds Explains Why He Killed […]

Find out what rapper is making a million dollars in one week, Lil Wayne’s new business venture, and Shaquille O’Neal’s new job!

Who says that you CAN’T MAKE BIG MONEY in the music business. MediaTakeOut.com got a hold of the itinerary for rapper AKON’S upcoming trip to Asia. Dude is making ONE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS . . . for just 8 days of work. Dang Akon I guess thats what happens when you discover LADY […]


We are not quite sure why Akon dropped down to his bare undies with every crevice of his body greased up but it sure had us saying. —- WHHHHHYYYYY?!? Exactly why was this necessary?!?! Is this what people have to do at shows now to keep the audience from walking out OR maybe Akon felt […]


Akon will release his first album in nearly three years this fall.  Stadium, Akon’s fourth album, will hit stores on September 13th.

Keri Hilson is just one of several celebrities supporting H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS initiative. In the campaign pics, she is seen posing in a slogan jumpsuit from this Spring’s unisex collection. The collection, of which 25% of sales will be donated to HIV/AIDS prevention projects, is available online and in H&M’s Divided department from April […]

Akon Sued For No Show According to Courthouse News Service, rapper/singer Akon was paid $125,000 down to perform in Singapore. A&M Entertainment is suing American Talent Agency, Mateo Productions, Raymond “Twin” Grant, Matthew “Mateo” Rajkumar, and Kon Live Touring claiming they canceled the concert but the down payment was not refunded. The Konvict Muzik star was […]