This story like it should be a story on a TV show, but no, it’s real. Unfortunately, it’s a true story and it’s a continuing case happening in Canada where 30-year old Jonathon Nicola came over from South Sudan in Africa on what he said was a Canadian student visa. Nicola’s story in Africa isn’t […]

Last week, friends of Cotter helped her celebrate her birthday by purchasing a Wonder Woman costume to highlight her otherworldly powers.

There’s a newest oldest person on the block (er, in the world). Susannah Mushatt Jones was deemed “Oldest Living Person” by Guinness World Records today,…

Do you think you act your age? Click Here to take the quiz. DJ Fanci here! According to this quiz, I’m 24. Not too far from my actual age but I’d say I agree. It says my life is an emotional roller coaster! Lol. Find out what it says about your life :)

A new study has shown that the age of young stroke victims in the United States is growing exponentially. Contributing factors for the rise in number of young stroke victims include obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. For the full story, click here.

A few days ago, on the Wendy Williams show, she said the following (paraphrased because I obviously did not sit in front of the television taking dictation): “Today is such a great time to be a woman. In our mother’s generation, women got married in their twenties, and stayed at home ironing men’s shirts. But […]