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As we approach the end of the 2010s, Hip-Hop Wired is taking a look back at some of the top viral moments of the decade. As with all lists, this is based on our personal observations and experience with the moments so we’re sure to miss some of your favorites in the mix.

Things going viral on the Internet isn’t a new concept, but it certainly has become a thing in this decade. From zany videos, dance crazes, over the top challenges, and even hit songs that blew up for unexplained reasons, when something goes viral, it becomes part of the cultural landscape.

With something as subjective as the top viral moments of the decade, we’re clearly going to miss some of the best. From “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” to the huge debate over “the dress” among other moments, there’s no way we’re going to get this list completely right.

And like most things that get popular, a lot of folks have gotten some big bags off of going viral including folks like Shiggy, Tay Zonday, the creator of “Chocolate Rain,” and several others. The other side of it is folks going viral, attempting to become a thing and the potential for the bag never materializes for some reason.  Still, if fame was a goal for any of the aforementioned, they at least got on the radar somehow.

We invite the readers to check out the top 10 viral moments of the 2010s below. If we missed one of your favorites, please sound off in the comments section.

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1. Sweet Brown – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”

2. Tay Zonday – “Chocolate Rain”

3. Antoine Dodson – “Hide Yo Kids!”

4. Shirley Caesar’s Singing The Holiday Menu

5. Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh

6. Andrew Caldwell – “I AM DELIVERT!”

7. Birdman Invents The Word Respek

8. “It’s Above Me Now”

9. Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” and the Challenge

10. The Planking Challenge