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Moneice Slaughter Spills All The Tea On Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones

Source: Michael Tullberg / Getty

Apryl Jones, had the entire internet screaming take her phone away and at the same time wondering what in the hell is wrong with her? Omarion’s baby mother had B2K fans wondering if the group was done after rumors of her dating his band Lil Fizz caught fire. Now, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Moneice Slaughter is spilling all the tea, and it’s delicious.

Moniece Slaughter let the chopper ring while speaking with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee on the latest episode of the podcast. She broke down the entire Apryl/Fizz situation to the gossip blogger explaining why she is disgusted that her baby father is shacking up with Omarion’s ex, how Fizz is abusing their son, how he waited till after his fallout with “Ice Box” singer to talk to Jones and confirming Apryl is pregnant but denying he is the father.

Moniece on Fizz and Jones rumored relationship:

“When I made the comment on social media (exposing Fizz and Apryl’s relationship), my son had felt the need to hide and lie. He said he thought that I didn’t want him around Apryl because of what happened between ‘daddy and uncle O.’ I don’t even know what transpired between these two men, and why he would be worried about that at nine years old.”

Moneice on Fizz abusing their son and making him hide it:

“I’m sorry about making the comment about the guys sleeping with [Apryl] for them to pay your bills. But, what I’m not going to do is apologize for the statement I made about my son’s father because it was true.”

“It was very traumatic for my son, and that is why my son feels like he has to lie. When my son came home with the bruises, he said he couldn’t tell us because his dad told him that if he did, that I was going to take him away from him.”

Moneice on Fizz dirty macking and waiting to talk to Apryl after his fallout with Omarion:

“What makes this situation so offputting for me, from what I know [Fizz] did not pursue a friendship with Apryl until he and O fell out. I think initially that was their common ground. I think that they bond over having a common disdain for [Omarion].

Moneice breaking down Apryl’s rumored pregnancy:

“My mom called Drew, and he denied the pregnancy. Period, space, new sentence. You catch that I said ‘the pregnancy.’ And then my mother basically said you’ve lied about everything, we don’t believe you. My mother then said, ‘what do you think this will mean for your son, emotionally’? He then said that he has spoken to Omari, which I found out was a lie.”

This is just a whole ass mess, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is going to be so messy when it returns. Also, keep in mind B2K is set to perform at Drake’s music festival OVO Fest too. We are interested to see how that all plays out, you can see the interview and reactions to it in the gallery below.

Photo: Michael Tullberg / Getty

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