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Breezy’s hoooooome! Chris Maurice Brown is a free man now, following his being released from jail a couple weeks ago. Naysayers, or haters say he’s destined to land himself right back in there eventually, but fans and those who love him however, say he is changed for the better and is set to come back better than ever in the music game and in life period. Hpmh!

I don’t run the show and I can’t say that I know what will happen with him. If he can stay outta trouble- I think he might have some things to offer. Despite his past of abuse and immature mistakes,  he may have some goodies to share of himself beyond that. That’s of course if he should ever decide to move on from Karrueche and leave Rihanna alone for real for real!

Let’s begin, oh and note these are not listed in any order of priority or preference. See if you can feel me on these.

1. Mr. Outdoorsman

Here you can see he has an appreciation for outdoor activities. A rugged man who can have some fun outside the house or the clubs and looks nice without his shirt to boot! Mmm!

2. Mr. Good Son (1/2)

The boy loves his mama. While we may not actually throw bricks in our mom’s car windows I’m sure we’ve all wanted to at some point. Look at that baby, he loves his mama..aww..

3. Mr. Good Son (2/2)

Just another shot of Chris and his mommy.. The cuteness here is too much. Smiles are contagious! So go head’ and smile!

4. Mr. Showstopper (1/2)

The boy can dance his lil butt off! A man who doesn’t have two left feet and has some rhythm. Ladies, you know talent is sexy!
He’ll shut the whole club down on the dance floor with an eight count AND have you looking right on the dance floor at your wedding! Hey now!

5. Mr. Showstopper (2/2)

In case you didn’t believe me before, look at this dip. The boy has good form. You mad?
You can dip me in a dance class Chris! 5,6,7,8…

6. Mr. Friendly

The brutha looks to be having fun with these adorable kiddos, but doesn’t HAVE any kiddos. Yasss God!
Lil fun play date with Uncle Chris and home you go cutie pies!
What lady wouldn’t appreciate a man who’s good around the babies.

7. Mr. Mobile (1/2)

A man with his own set of wheels. So you know you ain’t got to be picking him up or catching the bus is all I’m saying.

8. Mr. Mobile (2/2)

I was kidding before, you know he don’t ride no bike around. He pushes these shiny things. Gotta love an independent mobile man. He’ll get to ya quick! Vroom vroom!

9. Mr. Picasso

Breezy is expressive not only in his music and in dance but also in his very own art work. The artwork may seem a little tormented at first but he artistically uses exaggerated cartoons and dramatic color schemes.
Constructive and creative I say.
I can appreciate an expressive/creative man.
If you have kids with him he can help the babies make cute Mother’s Day cards! Is that reaching? Ok, moving along.

10. Mr. Luvah Luvah

He is partial to animals. Ugh ADORBS!!
I can dig a man who likes animals. While personally I am afraid of dogs I like that he’s not.

11. Mr. Bling

Check him out! The boy has nice chompers! A good, nice, white smile-plaque free! This is perfect for pillow talk you won’t have to worry about gingivitis cause’ from the looks of it, he practices good dental hygiene. Muah!

12. Mr. Independent

As is indicated here, obviously he can carry his own weight! Hehe!

13. Mr. Sharp

While his shirtless look is nice its important he looks nice in dress up clothes. Gotta get ya grown man on every now’n again.
Can’t wear abs to church. AMEN!

14. Mr. Magoof

Lastly, on the list Mr.Brown is not afraid to laugh at himself. Bless his heart. I just adore a man with a good sense of humor. Laughter is the key to the good life!

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