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Sean 'P Diddy' Combs Royal Birthday Ball

Source: Brian ZAK / Getty

Over the past few months, Diddy has been more than vocal about missing his ex, Kim Porter. From taking on a larger role in the lives of their children to constant posts about the former model and actress, Diddy has publicly mourned her in ways most would commend.

In his latest IG post, Puff referred to Porter as his Bonnie, a play off of Bonnie & Clyde. “I remember Kim flying to see me on the set of can’t nobody hold me down. She took like a 12 hour flight to LA and 3 hour ride to the desert. With no complaints. Was always ride or die. From day 1!” he captioned.

It’s probably eating him up in more ways than one that she’s no longer with us in the physical but that hasn’t stopped people from coming at him on Instagram telling him that he should have married Porter if he loved her so much. One user commented, “You had all this “love” for her secretly..but yet dated other women while she was living. Now all of a sudden she’s not here anymore and mysteriously you want the world to see and know that she’s your soulmate. Why didn’t she get this love with these beautiful captions while she was here to see it?? Why didn’t you marry her??”

Puff responded, “I was scared.”

To another commenter calling him fake, Puff told the woman, “never fake. I wasn’t ready and that’s it. I’m ready now but it’s to (sic) late. Don’t be like me.”

Well, some have Diddy’s back on this, even if he’s doing a TON of public accountability in the IG comments too.

See how people have uplifted Puff during this difficult time.