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Brown water in swimming pool

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A popular Atlanta club thought a pool party during a pandemic was somehow a good idea. After footage of the ratchetness that went down on Sunday, July 5) with no social distancing in sight made it onto the Internets, the slander against the irresponsible partying has been on 10.

First off, Georgia and definitely Atlanta’s COVID-19 cases have been spiking for at least the last couple of weeks AND it was a holiday weekend. Also, CDC stats indicate that coronavirus disproportionately has been affecting Black and Brown people.

Nevertheless, a promoter (Haywire Weekend) set up shop at the Compound nightspot and thought that building a pool in the spot and having people live their best party life was a good idea. Then there’s the fact that there were plenty of willing participants down to come throw in their bathing suits and carry on like there is not a potentially fatal virus floating around the globe.

Apparently, DJ Mike Nasty spun at the party and shared a clip of festivities, noting that the pool was brought in and the party was a “movie.”

But now the question is how everyone is going to be feeling after 10 or so days. While it’s thought these were out of town cats, you can be there were plenty of locals in there.

Peep more of the reactions to this debacle below. You may want to steer clear of Atlanta is you have any underlying conditions that make catching the Rona a possible life-ender.


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10. Meanwhile, if pools ain’t your speed…