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Congrats to my mom for making it through her first year as a Breast Cancer Survivor. I remember waiting at the hospital on October 2, 2013 wondering whether or not ma dukes would have a successful surgery; that time period was one of the scariest moments of my life. I CAN SAY that it’s helped me build a strong connection to strangers who have family members that have been diagnosed with disease. It’s like we instantly know each other’s struggle without having to say a word! Take a look at some of my pics from this year’s Angel’s Surviving Cancer Walk and remind the ladies in your families to GO GET THEIR MAMMOGRAMS!!! -Amir Diamond

1. Angels Surviving Cancer

Hunter Glenn’s Lady Owls

2. Angels Surviving Cancer

Kipp Zenith Acadamy’s Star Steppers

3. Angels Surviving Cancer

Marshall High School’s Band

4. Angels Surviving Cancer

5. Angels Surviving Cancer

The Beyhive! Beelieving In The Cure.

6. Angels Surviving Cancer

State Rep Candidate David Hamilton

7. Angels Surviving Cancer

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