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Rapper Lil Mama releases an official single called “Sausage” piggybacking off the Vine viral “sausage movement”. Here’s why we’re not mad.



1. Lil Mama Is Reinventing Herself.

Lil Mama Source:WSHH/Youtube

She’s bringing the feminine b-girl image back and if she is trying to introduce us to the new Lil Mama, having swag and confidence along with quality visuals is a great way to start.

2. She pays musical homage to Hip Hop & R&B!

Lil Mama Source:WSHH/Youtube

The track samples the greats such as Slick Rick, Teena Marie, Wu Tang Clan, Dougie Fresh, Big Sean, Missy Elliot and even channels Mary J. Blige in full costume! Lil Mama even shouts them out in the credits at the end of the video. That’s love.

3. Choreography On Fleek.

Lil Mama Source:WSHH/Youtube

Lil Mama shows us what Summer looks like in New York-high top kicks, big jackets, fly rides, rolling with your crew, dancing in the streets and of course letting the kids join in on all the fun! She didn’t leave out the closed sets of choreography channeling elements of high end fashion and she also included some dance moves that even sparked a Janet Jackson nostalgia!

4. Finally Another “Believable” Female Rapper

Lil Mama Source:WSHH/Youtube

Although she’s obviously swagger jacking a lot of imagery from the greats, you can’t deny that she is a true lyricist. It’s been awhile since we have had another femcee make a promising impression since the rise of Nicki Minaj.

5. Summer Is Here – Good Vibes Only!

Lil Mama Source:WSHH/Youtube

Everyone’s out of school, taking off from work and with all the bad weather we had this year, we are looking forward to staying warm and dry. What a great way to kick off summer with a new jam!

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