Super Bowl 2010

(Dallas, TX)  —  The Black Eyed Peas will reportedly take the stage at one of next year’s biggest sporting events.  A source has confirmed to the “Dallas Morning News” that the group will perform during the Super Bowl 45 halftime show at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas.  According to the “Fort Worth Star-Telegram,” an official […]

Rihanna Performs During Super Bowl Weekend Your favorite famous (and not so famous) models, actresses and musicians didn't let the boys get all the camera time!


Sunday's Super Bowl game was the highest rated television show in history. The Nielsen Company reports 106-point-five million people watched the game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. The record audience tops the 1983 finale of "MASH", which formerly held the record for most watched show.

If you missed the game on Sunday, don't worry! We have the best pictures highlighting the highs and the lows from Super Bowl 2010.


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