Eye Candy

  (via khou.com)  GALVESTON — The silence of The Strand Thursday morning gave way to the roars of V-Twins, flatheads and other motorcycle engines. The Lone Star Rally is back, and Mother Nature promises to enjoy the weekend of bikes, leather and the freedom of the open road. This is the ninth edition of the […]

Since the late 80’s, Hip-Hop has always had some of the sexiest women on the planet to star in their music videos. From “Rump Shaker” to “Freek-A-Leek,” Hip-Hop is no stranger to beautiful women with curves. However, some of these women stand out more than others for a variety of different reasons and while some […]

Ladies, there’s some new up and coming hotties who were just drafted into the NBA, and we’ve put together a gallery of the ones we think will make great eye candy in the years to come:

Go ahead and get your grind on now so in 2020 you can cop you one of these!

Via NecoleBitchie.com: King Cover Model Rosa Acosta went in on rapper Maino recently after he made comments about her wearing “fake” shoes on a radio show. Now normally I wouldn’t entertain a beef between a rapper and a model because it’s ridiculous, but what makes this interesting is that it’s all over superficial sh*t. Like […]

Dwight Howard and his magnificent shoulders are on the cover of the April 2010 issue of Men’s Health. His body is a work of art. Enjoy ladies!!!

It’s Brandy AKA “Bran’NU” working on her fitness for the paps…i know y’all didn’t think it was Kimmy K! In other news, Brandy is really taking this rapping thing serious, check her out below rapping to her song “It’s My Party”.

In honor of Coco’s 31st (side-eye) birthday, The Box takes a look back at some of her best pictures! Some images are NSFW!

42-year old Donna Simpson from New Jersey currently weighs about 600 pounds and is attempting to double her weight by consuming 12,000 calories a day six times the amount recommended for an average woman. The craziest part about her mission which costs about $750 a week is that it’s being funded by some freaks who […]

Nicki told Fader Magazine her determination is to be a rap symbol and not just a sex symbol: I don’t know where I fit in the spectrum of rap yet, I think now I’m kind of proving myself, but before, people thought of I was more of a sex symbol or wannabe sex symbol. Now […]