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Since the late 80’s, Hip-Hop has always had some of the sexiest women on the planet to star in their music videos. From “Rump Shaker” to “Freek-A-Leek,” Hip-Hop is no stranger to beautiful women with curves.

However, some of these women stand out more than others for a variety of different reasons and while some go on to write books, be in  pornos, or even start their own singing career, all of these women got their starts from being a video vixen.

Check out Hip-Hop Wired’s  list of the top 10 video vixens of the last decade to see which women changed the music video scene for Hip-Hop.

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Bria Myles

Bria made her big debut in the Kanye West / Rhymefest’s video “Brand New” in 2005. This was soon followed by her lead in Twista’s “Girl Tonight” video featuring Trey Songz.

However, it was when she took the cover for King Magazine in 2006 that made her a vixen to recognize. With an a** that has people thinkikng “that can’t be real,” it’s obvious why Bria made such a “BIG” impact in her music videos.

Rosa Acosta

From the Dominican Republic, Rosa Acosta is easily one of the most recent video vixens to have generated a lot of buzz for herself.  Although she admits her boobs are not real, she claims every other part of her body (including her butt) is 100% her.

Making her notable appearances doing splits in Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video, Rosa has shown that to achieve a body like her takes hard work and a lot of fitness.  Working on her own fitness tapes, the beautiful looking and sounding Rosa Acosta is exactly what any rapper would want in his video.

Angel Lola Luv

Unless you didn’t watch any music videos in 2006-2007, then there should be no excuse if you don’t know Angel Lola Luv. Going by the name Lola Monroe now, Lola starred in a numerous amount of videos including her ex boyfriend Trey Song’z videos.

Although Lola was known, it wasn’t until Trey’s “Wonder Woman”  and Kanye’s “Good Life” that her video vixen status reached it’s peak.  Showing her body off in a leotard, Lola became one of the highest searched Hip-Hop models in internet history. She also has picked up the mic in aspirations of being one of the elite mic wreckers in the game as well

Melyssa Ford

Maybe one of the “veterans” of the Hip-Hop model game, Melyssa Ford has been doing what she does best since 1997.  Also known as Jessica Rabbit, Melyssa set the standards to be a video model with her banging body and beautiful face.  Although she didn’t get recognition overnight, it was on Jadakiss’ “Knock Yourself Out” video that she had her first breakthrough video.

As the years passed Melyssa has somewhat faded and joked about like in Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far” video.  However, her King, XXL, and Maxim cover shoots will always show the impact she had as a video vixen.

Vida Guerra

Speaking of veterans, you can’t talk about video vixens without mentioning Vida Guerra. The Cuban model really had people focusing on music videos in 2004 with her appearances in Kanye West, Nelly, and Diddy’s music videos.  However, controversial would follow Vida, and every man’s dream came true when naked pictures of Vida leaked on the internet.

Though its argued she leaked the pictures herself for a publicity stunt, eventually the leaked pictures inspired her to do a formal nude shoot with Playboy Magazine. Vida is now 36 and may be done with her video vixen days, but she certainly made an impact that makes her an elite vixen.

Buffie The Body

If anybody’s name represented them the most, it would be Buffie The Body.  From Athens Georgia, this Georgia Peach might have the biggest a** the Hip-Hop industry has seen.  Known for her body (obviously), Buffie is also known for making a thunder clap so loud that you may actually believe rain is on the way.

With appearances in many different music videos, and the release of the popular, many aspiring video models had to but their dreams on hold when Buffie came through.

Esther Baxter

While Buffie may have had the best behind in the game, video vixen Esther Baxter may have had the best front.  With two HUGE reasons to love Esther, it was obvious why Baxter made such an impact on the vixen game.  In countless videos that include, Kanye West, Ludacris, Will Smith, and Nelly, Esther was always a girl that was in the back that people kept their eyes on.

However, it was Petey Pablo’s “Freek-A-Leek” video, that shot Baxter as a household name, and a household google search.  But as quick as she came, Baxter hung up the video vixen career in 2007 so she could further her education and attend college.

Dollicia Bryan

With some ladies, becoming a video vixen just happened and was not a goal, just ask Dollicia Bryan.  Working as a radio DJ in Portland, Oregon, singer Joe asked her to appear in his video for “If I Was Your Man.” Since then, she has appeared in almost a dozen more music videos, including videos for Ja Rule, Lupe Fiasco and Fabolous.

She makes her big screen debut in See Dick Run, directed by Dwayne Alexander Smith.  So ladies working a 9-5 at a cubicle, there is hope for you guys to one day be on a 15 year olds computer screen at 1 in the morning with the lotion and napkins ready!

Nicole Narian

Although Nicole Narian may be best known for her sextape with Hollywood superstar Collin Farrell. Before being a playboy bunny, Nicole Narian was definitely in a few Hip-Hop videos.  Making her video vixen debut in videos like Mario Winanas “I Don’t Wanna Know” and LL Cool J’s “Luv You Better,” Nicole was not just known for having great assets, but also being completely gorgeous from head to toe.  Though she went from music videos to home videos, Nicole was a great vixen with the potential of being in the best of all time discussions.

Karrine Steffans

Maybe I didn’t save the best for last, but I definitely saved the most popular.  Karrine Steffans or better known for her classy nickname “Superhead,” changed the whole Video Vixen game by using what made her famous in the first place…her mouth.   There isn’t much to say about Karrine that her two books haven’t said, but it is obvious that no other video vixen has had an impact as big as her.

From tell-all books, to tv shows, to sextapes, Karrrine has come a long way from first appearing in Jay-Z and Mystikal videos, but thanks to her, rappers and entertainers everywhere will be a lot more cautious with the girls they have on set.