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Whether you’re expecting or just expected to look great, the trick to achieving this urbanista look is to know when to go high and when to go low. Beyonce takes her bump for a stroll in an easy-on-the-eye two-piece ensemble of black skinny jeans and an oversized white peasant blouse – the “low.” However, she […]

Ponchos are back on the scene this fall, and we’re not talking you grandmother crocheted-tangled-fringe poncho that make you look as though you’re dressed in a doily. The updated poncho is pretty posh, streamlined and sophisticated. Layer your poncho or cape over a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or with shorts and opaque tights. Take […]

I gotta admit, I’m totally loving Alicia Keys’ modern day take on the tuxedo pantsuits. The gold sequin blouse hits the right notes with the gold-tipped pumps. Take style note on the key pieces you’ll need to recreate this look – The white tuxedo blazer is key. As you know, the tux silhouette has become […]

Protecting and styling natural and color-treated hair in the winter months can be a challenge, but celebrity stylist and salon owner Carla Gentry Osario gives tips for how to properly moisturize. For one, make sure to rinse hair with cool water because it closes the hair cuticles and gives your hair a shine. Carla also […]

Lipstick is the one staple that every woman has in her makeup bag. With the fall season upon us, you may think it’s time to put away the lighter palettes you rocked this summer and bring out the bold shades for fall, but this is where you’re wrong. This Fall season seems to be all […]

Do you want your legs to look miles long this season? Over the knee boots are hot again this fall and when styled correctly, will instantly take an outfit from drab to fab! Here are some of my faves from every price point. 7 Wide-Leg Palazzo Pants For Under $100 FALL TRENDS: Faux Fur Accessories

It seems that winter has bombarded its way into the Northeast with early snow storms and unfortunate inclement weather. However, just as you’ve accepted it – “Ok, the winter season is here dag blammit!” – we are being blessed with 60 degrees temperatures that have sent your body (and hair) into a state of shock. […]

It’s every girl fantasy to wrap herself in fur, but  since we’re all about doing the politically correct thing, this faux fur vest will do. Layered shearling vest with draped, open front. High neck. Fully lined. Fits true to size. How does she run in those heels? Black, 100% Shearling $1,339.00 at kirnazkabete.com FANTASY FRIDAY: William […]

10 Holidays That Hip-Hop Should Adopt This coming Monday is Labor Day, a federal holiday observed as a day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the United States and Canada on the first Monday in September. But in the city of Atlanta, the first Monday in September has a different meaning. This […]

Ok here is a list of no-no’s to buy your baby mama, your moms or anybody for that matter! LOL! VIEW REJECTED GIFTS HERE

We’ve found 5 drink recipes for you to try at home this Christmas. Pair the drinks with a meal or pour yourself a cup and snuggle into the couch. Either way, get into the holiday spirit with these delicious Christmas cocktails – but only if you’re of age! CHRISTMAS COOKIE COCKTAIL 1. Drizzle chocolate sauce […]

One of the biggest stresses of the holiday season is what to do with the little ones. With four days off for Thanksgiving and two weeks vacation for Christmas, these days will often be filled with endless television or boredom. Finding stimulating activities for them to do is a good cure for the vacation blues. Here are […]