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The Good Morning H-Town crew has been rocking with Breland and his country-trap debut single “My Truck” and now the rising artist drops the official video! The song first blew up on TikTok and then emerged on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart and has picked up 15 million streams across the world.

The video opens up as one would expect, a chiseled, stereotypical cowboy stepping into the frame before the 24-year-old singer/songwriter pushes him out the way, showing his face publicly for the first time. From there, he pulls out all kinds of trucks that you wouldn’t seed in your typical Ford or Dodge commercial and much like Prince was on “Adore,” he’s really about his whip.

“The video is a celebration of truck culture, but also a celebration of diversity,” he told Rolling Stone. “We have a really diverse cast and a diverse group of truck owners. It’s a collision of two cultures that don’t often intersect, and I wanted the video to represent that, because sonically that’s what the record represents. It will be a really cool opportunity for people who love country music and people who love hip-hop and urban music to be able to find elements in the video that they can relate to. Truck culture is inclusive and music is inclusive. I want everyone to be able to find themselves in the video and find something within the song that makes them say, ‘OK, this is me. I can relate to this. This is mine.’ ”

You can watch the latest video from the up and coming singer/songwriter below.