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This may be the wildest Black History Month headline ever.

According to authorities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Robert Noye, a black man, kidnapped a white woman over the weekend and forced her to watch “Roots,” Alex Haley‘s 1977 miniseries regarding the history of slavery in America and threatened to kill her and chop off her body if she tried to move.

Noye forced the woman to watch the entire nine-hour series so she could “better understand her racism,” according to a criminal complaint.

The 52-year-old Noye was arrested Monday and charged with false imprisonment and simple assault. He told the woman to stay in her seat and watch the entire series or he would kill her and “spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago,” per cops.

Roots, an eight-episode, series won numerous Golden Globes and is considered a landmark in televised storytelling and more, chronicling Alex Haley’s family history from the enslavement of his ancestors to the modern liberation of his ancestors’ descendants.